Breakfast is back at Taco Bell® with Full Toasted Burrito Vengeance

Jun 22, 2022

Video Transcript-

hey everyone I'm back at it this time headed into Taco Bell early in the a.m. to check out some more of their all-new toasty goodness they've got going for breakfast so stay tuned because it's up next welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty good morning how you doing you know peep this out can I go for one of those new grande toasted breakfast burritos the one with the steak please and that's it oh no that's it looks good great thank you yeah I am definitely looking forward to trying this one with the steak hey how ya doing gotcha thank you alright thank you so much I appreciate ya stay frosty we'll see you buh bye alright guys let's peep this out so here we go with the next round it's the Grande toasted breakfast burrito here at Taco Bell and already this is looking nice and fluffy guys those eggs are jumping out at me pretty nicely here what we've got is a nice warm tortilla filled with steak a three-cheese blend this is supposed to have along with potatoes pico de gallo and egg but guys I have to say it definitely looks stacked it's very warm it smells very inviting and again those eggs look really really fluffy I can't wait to get into this one right now let's see if the flavors gonna deliver on it it's the all-new Grande toasted breakfast burrito with steak here at Taco Bell.


let's peep out this flavor all-new toasted breakfast burritos only at Taco Bell yeah this looks and smells pretty great but I'm not really getting where the toasted comes from in the name of this one here I guess maybe it's the potatoes because there's no grill marks on the outside so let's just hope this one actually has cheese in it because the last breakfast burrito that I just did recently here didn't have that actually take a look at that review popping up on your screen right now for the proof of that let's just give this a shot it's the Grande toasted breakfast burrito here at Taco Bell with steak let's do it mmm that's infinitely better already mmm Wow even with that Pico it's actually not bad with that guys and if you guys are hearing that bird calling in the very back it's actually a crazy peacock that I have next to me on the roof of this house here take a look at this real fast he's definitely standing guard definitely making himself known for sure but guys I'm definitely making myself known that this burrito is definitely awesome and I'm gonna keep saying definitely because it is even with that pico as you guys can see this is a lovely situation right here plenty of eggs plenty of those potatoes so far the steak is a little on the light side but again I'm not really getting any cheese just yet let me keep going with this one but I'm hoping is gonna be something further in I need cheese in my breakfast burritos I don't know what's going on lately.


Let's just give it another shot hmm okay a little bit cheese it's better and yes I'm talking with my mouth full because I had to get that out there because I'm so excited there's a little bit of cheese in this at least but the steak is a little on the uneven side I got to be honest this is half that I have right now is not really doing it for me in the meat department but there is plenty of egg pretty tasty though guys it is it's pretty nice combination of the goodies that you saw in the close-up but again I really wish there was just a little bit more cheese in this there's just a little bit of cheese in here you'll see this coming up but it's just okay so far well as you can see on the side there there's a little bit of cheese coming through and I'm gonna emphasize little because that's really all that there is guys there's not a lot to speak of it's not really standing out above and beyond except with that last bite that I just took and overall is a lot of egg which I like I just wish there was more cheesiness to go with it the steaks little on the light side as well and even the pico that I'm not really a super fan of is not really killing this one for me because of all the egg flavor believe it or not it's strong in that department and as for the potatoes a little on the light side as well it's just all right though all right now I'm on a mission to see if there's actually a little bit more cheese in this then I'm experiencing so far so let me pick up the other half here and go for another bite pray for me I really want this to be good here we go no man alright now this is really disappointing so I guess all the cheese that I have is in the first half that I've got here guys but as you can see as things are falling out in front of me here we've got some potatoes we've got plenty potatoes in this particular half and not too much egg so very uneven on this build but as you can see still not a lot of steak so a little disappointing for the price point of this one with no cheese hardly maybe just a little bit it's better than the last time around but I am NOT impressed so far.


Guys it really feels like it's getting a little worse as we go but it is what it is alright so no bueno there I'm gonna go for one more bite of this one here because this apparently has a little bit more cheese on just this half of this burrito actually and then we'll finish this one out after the rating but so far semi lackluster overall guys I'm really not super satisfied with this I need more cheese in my breakfast burritos this is simply just not made very correctly as I'm being yelled at by this peacock next to me here right now I think he agrees let's go for one more bite and we'll finish this one out hang on and with that last bite there goes all the cheese that I had in this one guys so not very heavy handed in the cheese Department and especially the steak department but there's a decent amount of potatoes and not necessarily on this half that you're looking at so overall it's an uneven build a little lackluster overall but the flavor is definitely solid I just wish there was a little bit more of everything in this one to really take it up a few notches but as it stands very decent in terms of the heat level it's very warm it's definitely tasty but like I said this could have been so much better today.


Well I guess it is what it is but at least I got some cheese this time out that definitely helped this one just a bit there although I do wish it was just a little bit more in there and considering the steak being a little on the light side as well it could have used just a little bit more of that overall a lot of egg very tasty overall for what can you do what I'm gonna do is give it the rating that I personally think it deserves so with everything you've seen and heard right now I'm gonna have to give the Grande toasted breakfast burrito with steak here at Taco Bell just to make a OK 7 out of 10 it's definitely better than the last breakfast burrito that I checked out here at Taco Bell because it's definitely heftier and naturally the addition of a little bit of cheese is helping this one but not by much because this one really needed just a little bit more of everything in it to really round out the price point as well as the overall value of what you're getting for it but hey of course that's just my opinion based upon everything I've experienced right now what do you guys personally think though drop some comments down below are you a fan of the breakfast burritos here at Taco Bell and if you are I would excited are you to give this version of them a shot right now considering this grande toasting one is a new one drop those comments down below definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty oh Taco Bell this one definitely could have been a contender had it had just a little bit more cheese and a little bit more steak but hey I got a rate 'em as I get 'em alright guys until next time I'll talk to you soon but hey real quick before you go and just in case you haven't already take a look at the last review that I put out right up over here along with what I think YouTube's gonna recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you'll find something like in both of them and I'll definitely catch ya in the next one see ya

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