Legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies at age 80

Jun 22, 2022

Video Transcript-

The music world mourning the stones drummer charlie watts. he died today at the age of 80 watts considered one of the greatest drummers of all time and was part of the stones for nearly 60 years. news nation. correspondent sloan glass joining us now. so you have a look at his life and legacy. yeah. no call. charlie watts being remembered today by musicians. and fans across the globe. all paying tribute to one of the best drummers in rock and roll.


tonya francisco: the music community mourning the loss of charlie watts legend sharing their grief condolences and charlie was a rock. hunt hostage drama and elton john sharing. this photo of the pair on twitter with the message. a very sad day. charlie watts was the ultimate drummer, the most stylish of men and such brilliant feeling great sadness because he's been with them for so long. what's publicists saying today that the drummer passed away peacefully surrounded by family in his london home at the age of 80. this news comes after watts had announced he would not be touring with the stones in 2021 because of an undefined health issue wants was recovering from a recent medical procedure. watch. a spokesperson said it was earlier this month.


was the after the band's extensive search for a that the driver was not known for showy solos bandmates, mick jagger and keith richards both praised him as the key to the stones, his drumming was the foundation of the rolling stones. i mean, there were 2 and the front man, mick jagger, the greatest history. and while watts provided the beat for one of the greatest rock group of all time. his true love was jas. charlie was keys. he had a swing. he had an element of swing to is playing that almost no other rock and roll. drummer had to that degree and he was really jazz band. and despite his fame. he was the happiest living a simple life in rural england and performing on stage. he wasn't into the flash and the glitz and the glamour and they came across and is playing.


he was not a flashy drummer all and his presence will certainly be missed when the band kicks off its no filter tour next month. with the rolling stones watts won 4 grammys and the band was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1989. so cool seeing that old footage to put people, of course, playing rolling stones music tonight and glasses are new entertainment correspondent here at news nation. we are so happy to

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